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Commercial Renovation Experts in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area

If you're looking for the best commercial renovation contractor in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA),
look no further than Walkers Design & Build! We are dedicated to modernizing your commercial space into an atmosphere that exceeds your expectations.

Commercial Renovation

Renovating a commercial property can be challenging because it is the first impression that a prospective consumer or client will have. Therefore, getting it right the first time is essential. Walkers Design & Build, with 10+ years of business expertise and an excellent track record, can help you collaborate on any commercial renovation project, large or small. 

As a leading contractor in Toronto, we specialize in extensive commercial renovations for schools, hotels, hospitals, and other businesses. Our commercial services are customized to meet your specific needs, resulting in influencing spaces that your employees and customers will love. From stunning artwork to compelling interior makeovers such as precise drywall installation, we manage every aspect of your professional services with the utmost care and artistic ability.

Reliable Commercial Renovation Partners in Toronto

We have worked with a range of commercial businesses from various industries, so we have in-depth knowledge of what our clients require from their space.

One Stop Shop for Commercial Renovation in Toronto

With our all-inclusive commercial remodeling services in the center of Toronto, welcome to a world of transformation. Recognizing the ever-evolving requirements of businesses, our expert team is committed to providing an extensive approach to renovation. We can handle all your interior design and functionality needs, plus more specialized projects like specialty bathroom renovations, flooring upgrades, and electrical and plumbing modifications.

At our core, we value detail-oriented work and efficiency, ensuring a smooth renovation process with no impact on your regular business. We are aware that your business is reflected in your commercial space, and it is our goal to revive it by creating an atmosphere that not only satisfies but exceeds your objectives and vision. Contact us now for the best commercial remodeling services in Toronto.

Efficient Commercial Renovation Experts Simplify the Process in Toronto

Our amazing and creative team can make your commercial architecture vision come to fruition. We provide a range of services, such as flooring selections that surpass your aesthetic standards. Our commercial repair company in Toronto will handle any type of repair, including plumbing restoration and refurbishment.

Depend on our experienced business maintenance specialists to make your space both functional and visually appealing. We take a unique approach to office remodeling, hotel renovation, and other projects, making sure that they are fully equipped with modern amenities to provide your clients with a five-star experience. Let us realize your renovation aspirations for commercial real estate within your desired budget!

Commercial Renovation

Efficient Commercial Renovation Experts Streamlining the Process in Toronto

Experience streamlined commercial renovations in Toronto with our expert team. From office transformations to retail makeovers, our efficient approach ensures a smooth process, delivering professional and tailored results for your business.

With a focus on minimizing disruptions, our commercial renovation experts bring precision and professionalism to every project. From concept to completion, trust us to streamline the process, delivering a revamped and functional space that aligns seamlessly with your business goals in the vibrant city of Toronto.

Types of Commercial Renovation We Offer

Interior of a modern office

Whether you're expanding your business and need more space for your growing team to reflect your brand, an office renovation can help. With professional commercial contractors, we can help you with your office renovations, which can be both fascinating and challenging.

Walkers Design & Build is a seasoned Toronto renovation contractor who is enthusiastic about bringing your modern office ideas to life. We are aware of the importance of a well-thought-out renovation and the impact it can have on your company. We are a top renovation contractor with over 10 years of expertise in interior design and craftsmanship in Toronto and the GTA.

A Chinese language teacher sits in an empty classroom as she teaches a class during an online course at Jingshan School, on a smoggy day under a "red alert" for air pollution, in Beijing

As your trustworthy school maintenance partner, we work in overcrowded educational institutions for the safety of not only professionals but also students, teachers, and the general public. With 10+ years of expertise, we organize and add diversity, creativity, and modernity to your school renovation project.


Walkers Design & Build works to provide exceptional value while meeting the evolving needs of hospital renovations. Our team consists of extremely talented individuals with specific training in healthcare construction. They are aware of the most recent developments, requirements, and hurdles in project management, architecture, and medical facility construction. We use dynamic architecture to reduce disruption and guarantee smooth innovation in order to meet hospitals' unique requirements.

With an emphasis on health promotion and preventive care, we design and build hospitals in a method that aligns with current medical trends. We meet modern standards and needs while giving you a chance to grow and transition. We prioritize providing a positive patient experience while also meeting your functional, productivity, and efficiency needs. Whether we build you a brand-new hospital or renovate your existing one, you'll benefit from a more aesthetically pleasing and functional space. We can make your dream of a beautiful Hospital in Toronto come true.


We at the top contracting company love to create inspiring spaces for children and caregivers. For daycare renovation, there are many elements that go into providing safe, healthy environments for our children, especially when it comes to zoning laws and authorization. We will help you fix all of these logistical obstacles by collaborating with you to design a child-friendly daycare that creates an atmosphere for ongoing learning and growth.

Whether you need to expand your daycare or create an entirely new daycare or nursery school space, Walkers Design & Build is here to help you each step of the way. We manage every aspect of a new daycare construction project, from initial consultation and childcare space design to construction management and project completion. Building a new daycare or renovating an existing one can help you effectively boost kids' pleasure of learning and give parents a positive initial perception of your business.


Our commercial construction contractors have the technical knowledge and experience to complete your hotel construction project on time and within budget. Walkers Design & Build has the architects and interior designers to build your building properly at the right price by using our extensive network of specialized mechanical trades as well as specialized in-house building specialists. 

With our collaborative hotel renovation and unwavering commitment to excellence and quality service, we ensure complete client satisfaction while controlling costs and following the finest environmental safety standards. During the construction planning phase, we take into consideration all aspects of your needs, including time, budget, brand standards, and material quality requirements. We provide a customized project timeline for efficient completion and transition.

Why Choose Us as Your Commercial Renovation Contractor?

At Walkers Design & Build, we recognize the value of making the business owner's commercial space an atmosphere that attracts customers, raises productivity, and meets safety standards. We work diligently to ensure smooth commercial remodeling in Toronto.

10+ Years of Expertise

With years of business expertise, we've honed our skills and refined our abilities. Our team of professionals, which includes architects, engineers, office renovation, and designers, brings expertise and creativity to every project.

Customer's Satisfaction

At Walkers Design & Build, our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure that every detail of your space renovation is perfect and that what you want happens just as you envisioned it. For commercial renovation Toronto, we prioritize client satisfaction!

5-Star Design Building Method

Walker's 5-Star Design Building Method signifies a luxurious approach that brings together the latest technology, innovative concepts, and a comprehensive approach to construction, revealing a dedication to excellence and superior outcomes.

On Schedule & Within Budget

As the best commercial renovation contractor, Toronto is committed to offering efficient project management, which means that projects will be finished on schedule and using cost-effective methods.

Design-Build Commercial Construction

This involves beginning from scratch and finishing a commercial construction project in Toronto. You will love the service that we at Walkers Design & Build are providing to you.


We are happy to offer an in-depth 10-year warranty covering all aspects to give our clients peace of mind that their investment will truly endure.


Chantel Middaugh
Chantel Middaugh
They are an amazing company got what I asked for at an amazing price, very professional and quick at finishing the job would definitely call them again
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Reish W
Great company, quality service, fair pricing, & an eye for design in whatever I asked for! Will definitely go with walker design again & recommend to anyone looking!
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Kaileia Forr-Will
Stand up reno job! Everything done with precise and pristine care. 10/10 recommend
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Noel Hodc
Professional, consistent and customer service is amazing! Gets the job done!
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Hailey Carr
Amazing job, would use again and definitely will refer to friends. Thank you!!!
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Antonio .M
Very consistent, great customer service overall excellent experience